Oct 3, Sat, 2020
Hey friend, I’ve started on a new journey - to invent new tools for thought. It doesn’t make sense to me why we, tool builders, haven’t created any…
I quit the startup world and became a writer.
Chasing Daylight.
The Science Museum, Sorites Paradox.
Growth Class, Invisible Progress, Memory Palace.
Hi friend, I turned 24 this week. But I won’t bother you with “the 24 things I’ve learned” kind of stuff. You’ll learn them yourself. Instead, I want to…
London, How to Manage, Accountability Partners, Burning Man.
2019 Learnings, 2020 Wishes.
Michael Dearing, $200m Productivity Framework, Real Problems.
The Struggle, Be Present, Creativity, Working Less.
Shortest Story Ever, How to Make Tough Decisions, How to Win, Curiosities.